Papel Picado: What is it? Where can I buy it? - Exploring the Beauty and Tradition of Papel Picado

Papel Picado: What is it? Where can I buy it? - Exploring the Beauty and Tradition of Papel Picado

Papel Picado, with its intricate designs and vibrant colors, stands as a symbol of Mexican culture and tradition. From fiestas to weddings and beyond, these delicate paper decorations add a touch of elegance and festivity to any occasion. In this article, we'll delve into the world of papel picado by answering ten of the most commonly asked questions about this beloved art form.

  1. What is Papel Picado? Papel picado, translated as "perforated paper," is a traditional Mexican folk art involving the creation of elaborate designs cut into colorful tissue paper. These designs often depict floral motifs, geometric patterns, and symbolic imagery.

  2. How is Papel Picado Made? Papel picado is crafted using a technique similar to paper cutting. Artisans fold stacks of tissue paper and carefully cut out intricate designs with small chisels or sharp scissors. The folded layers allow for multiple identical designs to be created simultaneously.

  3. What Occasions are Papel Picado Used for? Papel picado is commonly used to decorate various celebrations and events in Mexican culture, including Day of the Dead, weddings, birthdays, fiestas, and religious festivals like Christmas and Easter.

  4. What is the History of Papel Picado? The origins of papel picado can be traced back to pre-Hispanic times when indigenous peoples in Mexico used bark paper for ceremonial purposes. With the arrival of the Spanish, the art form evolved to incorporate European influences, resulting in the colorful papel picado seen today.

  5. Where Can I Buy Papel Picado? Authentic papel picado can be purchased on our website: We have a variety of different styles and designs to suit your mexican wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, corporate event, birthday, quinceañera, baby shower, baptism, first communion, holidays, graduation, cinco de mayo, company party, business company logo, and more! We specialize in personalized papel picado so we can incorporate the bride and groom's names and wedding date, for example. We can also make custom names and occasions based on your needs. Visit to see which options suit your needs and reach out if you have any questions at 

  6. Can Papel Picado be Personalized? Yes, papel picado can be personalized for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. Artisans can create custom designs featuring names, dates, or specific motifs tailored to the event.

  7. What are Some Common Papel Picado Motifs and Symbols? Common motifs found in papel picado include flowers such as marigolds and roses, animals like birds and butterflies, and religious symbols such as crosses and saints.

  8. How Do You Hang Papel Picado? Papel picado can be hung indoors or outdoors using string, fishing line, or wire. Care should be taken to ensure the delicate paper isn't damaged during installation.

  9. Is Papel Picado Environmentally Friendly? While papel picado is traditionally made from tissue paper, which is biodegradable, some artisans are exploring eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled paper or natural fibers.

  10. Are There Different Styles or Regional Variations of Papel Picado? Yes, papel picado varies in style and design across different regions of Mexico. Each area has its unique aesthetic and symbolism, reflecting the cultural diversity of the country.

In conclusion, papel picado is not just a form of decoration but a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. Its intricate designs and vibrant colors continue to captivate people worldwide, making it a beloved symbol of celebration and tradition. Whether adorning altars during Day of the Dead or adding flair to a wedding reception, papel picado remains an integral part of Mexican cultural identity.

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